Previous Works

‘Rebound’ created on ‘Unreal Engine 4’
Main Roles: Gameplay functionality design, Lead Producer

Rebound is a fast paced, twin-stick, 4 player, competitive, sci-fi dodgeball game. Rebound was designed from the ground up by a group of 8, including myself, for the competition called ‘Dare to be Digital’ in 2016. The game was the 1st place winner of Dare to be Digital and was BAFTA nominated for the Ones to Watch award. As lead producer I was in charge of planning and executing the project, making sure every persons role was clear and that everyone was on track. During this project I created a plan for a minimum viable product and what we would like to be in the complete game. The project well exceeded the minimum viable product and we ended up implementing extra features before the hard deadline of the competition. My roles also included the functionality design of features, this involved working out how the main mechanics of the game would function together and was based around a ‘Easy to learn, Hard to master’ principal.

The game is currently still in development and we plan to release in early 2018.

Details of the game can be found Here

VR Honours

‘Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic UI within a VR environment. A new take on traditional UI.’ created on ‘Unreal Engine 4’
This is my Honours Project that was a solo project, the full documentation and findings can be read Here

My Honours Project involved me creating a small game that used Non-Diegetic User Interfaces within Virtual Reality to guide the player. This was done through research of pre-exisiting user interface techniques and applied to a virtual reality environment. A study which highlights rules learned for creating user interfaces for traditional games played on a monitor was used to create the user interface within VR. The project was successful and managed to convey information to the player in an understandable way. Currently this project is complete with possible continuation at a later date.

Ration Shack

‘RationShack’ created in ‘Unreal Engine 4’
Main Roles: Backend design, Producer, Level Design

‘RationShack’ was created for the ‘Transmango game jam’ The game jam centred around the world food crisis and how humans will have to adapt and change in the future as there will not be enough food for the ever growing population. We created a game that put you in the heart of a impoverished country that needs foreign aid for food. The player was given a limited amount of rations a day and has to approve or deny people food who come to the shack. The players would be able to read everything about the character in front of them and have to make a moral choice to help them or not. The idea for this game was to allow politicians to experience first hand what their choices meant for the public. As a runner up in this game jam we were given the opportunity to present this game at a technology fair in Brussels, Belgium.

Details of the game can be found Here


‘Polluted’ created on ‘Unity’
Main Roles: Gameplay Design, Level Design, Producer

‘Polluted’ spiralled out of a game jam hosted by NoPills, a pharmaceutical waste reduction company based in EU. The game was created in 48 hours and was well received by the company. This led to further talks with the company where I was sent to pitch the game idea in front of a board panel in Zurich, Switzerland. After the successful pitch we were hired by the company and paid for developing and finishing the game in a short 3 week span. The game involved controlling a fish in a 2D platformer avoiding enemies and trying to make it to the end of the level, as this was a serious game the players were taught the underlying message of not throwing waste pharmaceuticals down the drain. The game was designed for mobile Android and iOS to reach a wide audience.